EFL Learning Gamification: Exploring High School Learners’ Vocabulary Acquisition Through Experimentation


  • Like Raskova Octaberlina Universitas Islam Negeri Malang


EFL, Gamification, High School Learners, Vocabulary Acquisition


This paper investigates the effectiveness of using video games as a tool for vocabulary learning, focusing specifically on the popular simulation game, Harvest Moon. The study compares the vocabulary learning outcomes of two groups of learners: one group learned vocabulary through traditional methods, and another group learned vocabulary through playing Harvest Moon. A quasi-experimental design was employed, and quantitative data was collected from pre- and post-tests to measure vocabulary acquisition. Additionally, qualitative data were gathered through survey, interviews and observations to provide deeper insights into the learners’ experiences. The findings reveal that learners who used Harvest Moon demonstrated significantly higher vocabulary acquisition compared to the traditional learning group. Furthermore, the qualitative data suggests that the immersive and engaging nature of the game, as well as its contextualized vocabulary use, positively influenced the learners’ motivation and engagement in the language learning process. These results contribute to the growing body of research on gamified language learning and highlight the potential of video games as effective tools for enhancing vocabulary learning outcomes.